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Triad Highland Games will host a Hogmanay event on January 9th, 2016
at the Shriner's Club on High Point Road.

We hope you will join us for this event.    Reservation Information is on the website home page.

A Bit of History ....

In Scotland and the northern part of England, the last day of the year is known as Hogmanay. There are a number of theories as to where the name comes from, one of them being that it derives from the ancient Scandinavian name for the night preceding the feast of Yule (Hoggu-nott or Hogg-night). Another is that it comes from the French expression, Au gui l'an neuf (New Year's gift).

Scottish children, often wearing a sheet doubled up in front to form a huge pocket, would call at the homes of the wealthy on this day and ask for their traditional gift of an
oatmeal cake. They would call out, "Hogmanay!" and recite traditional rhymes and/or sing songs in return for which they'd be given cakes to take home. It is for this reason that December 31 was also referred to as Cake Day .

Today Hogmanay is celebrated much the same as New Year's Eve in the rest of the Western world, with street and house parties. Such fire ceremonies as torchlight processions and lighting New Year's fires are popular traditions as well. Below are some interesting links for discovering Hogmanay.




 About: Scotland, Where New Year's is Four Days Long