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Children's Games
May 2-3, 2014 ~ Triad Highland Games at Bryan Park


  • Triad Highland Games offers a variety of Children’s Games and Crafts. We teach the principals of heavy athletics in our Hammer Throw, and Caber Toss. Surprisingly these principals are not winning but; balance, patience, doing your personal best, and following instructions carefully.
  • The sheep toss, and the Wellie toss are favorites of children who have participated in the last few years. The Wellie toss has a specific group of commands that must be done before the Wellie is tossed, the child must listen or be disappointed. The sheep toss is a fast paced riot of confusion and fun.
  • Coloring, cutting, gluing, and constructing a Targe (the Scottish Shield) is among the crafts the children work on each year. There are a variety of others as well.
  • Not equipped with a kilt for the Kilted Run? Triad Highland Games can “rent” you one for your child to wear while participating in the Games. All we require is a valid driver’s license. Return the kilt and we return the license.

    You can reserve a kilt by preregistering for the games and mentioning the need in your email, please give your child’s waist size and length from waist to knee.

    The Pre-registration form is located here at this link.

          All our games require a waiver of liability to the THG, City of Greensboro, and Greensboro Parks and           Recreation. This waiver is available here at this link.

          All of these games offer wonderful photo opportunities and parents are encouraged
           to watch and cheer on their children.

           Triad Highland Games
             PO Box 10585, Greensboro, NC 27404